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Gift a Hearing.
Make a Difference. 

KCPRF is an NGO actively engaged in the service of the underprivileged, distinctly centered on the medical sector. Being led by healthcare professionals, it has the resources and credibility to support its programmes. KCPRF has a strong workforce of over 50, including permanent employees and volunteers who work hard and selflessly to ensure that the core objectives of the group are fulfilled. The radius of operation of KCPRF is mainly in the state of Karnataka, wherein its welfare efforts are widely recognised by both the public and the governmental agencies. 

KCPRF has done yeoman service in the field of hearing rehabilitation by providing free or subsidised hearing solutions to those with hearing disabilities among the underprivileged. Surgeries are routinely done, hearing aids are being routinely distributed either free of cost or at subsidised rates. The Foundation seeks CSR funds from corporations to aid children get cochlear and other auditory implantations for free or at subsidised costs to those who cannot afford the high cost of treatment. KCPRF also focusses on cancer treatment and rehabilitation. The survivorship programme is a unique feature that has had a strong impact among the participants and has given meaningful direction to the lives of many. KCPRF, in collaboration with its sister concerns is actively associated with teaching & training and also looks to fund or participate in research activities in its domain of influence.

Govt of India Initiative)

Our sister concern "Bangalore Hearing and Implant Institute" in association with "Apollo Spectra Hospital" have been listed as one of the hospitals empaneled for cochlear implant surgery under the Assistance to Disabled Persons for Purchase/fitting of Aids/Appliances (ADIP) Scheme launched by the Government of India.

The main aim of the ADIP Scheme is to help disabled persons procure scientifically manufactured modern aids that can promote their physical, social, and psychological rehabilitation by reducing disabilities. PwDs are given aids with the aim of making them independent and arresting their secondary disability. The aids and appliances supplied under the scheme are of good quality with a warranty and are BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certified. The ADIP Scheme also helps to conduct corrective surgeries before providing the device to people with disabilities.

There is provision of Cochlear Implant for 500 children per year with Hearing disability with a ceiling of Rs. 6.00 lakh per unit under the Scheme. This will result in providing life long relief for hearing impaired children in the age group of 0 to 5 years.

Around 880 successful Cochlear Implant surgeries have been done by various empanelled hospitals across India and we are proud to announce that Bangalore Hearing and Implant Institute, in association with  Apollo Spectra Hospitals has been listed as one of the hospital empanelled for cochlear implant surgery under ADIP scheme in February 2021.

For eligibility criteria and application form, please refer


Our Impact


Dr. Kishore Chandra Prasad Research Foundation is a charitable organization set up with the goal of restoring the smile to patients suffering from various medical conditions


We do charitable work in many verticals including medical camps, free surgeries, fund raising for hearing implantation, fight against cancer, education & training and cutting edge research


The Foundation routinely undertakes activities under its Project heads and based on the objectives of the Trust.


There are a myriad ways in which you can contribute, help or get involved. Get in touch with us if you are interested

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