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They need your attention!!

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                    12 years old, Master Jiyansh Shah will be deaf again without your help!

Life is hard when a baby is diagnosed with down syndrome and it becomes even more hard when that baby is also born deaf and dumb. This is the reality that Master Jiyansh and his family are living with every day.


Master Jiyansh was born deaf, dumb and is diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Life was manageable to some extent as he had been using a Cochlear Implant for 9 years. Unfortunately, it has now stopped working and run out of warranty.


As per the Audiologist Consultant, the processor along with other accessories are not functioning and need replacement either with the same processor or with an advanced processor.


It has become incredibly hard for Jiyansh to communicate and learn without a new processor. His down syndrome combined with hearing loss has put him and his family members in a tight spot - financially and emotionally.


Master Jiyansh's father was left unemployed during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and his mother is the sole bread-winner of the family who earns a small sum by teaching handicrafts and other hobbies to the women in the neighbourhood.


It is impossible for them to financially afford a new speech processor without your help!


We sincerely request you to join hands to support this special child in hearing again. Even a small donation will increase the chances for Jiyansh to hear his parents & teachers voice yet again!


Kiranya Needs Your Help Fight Bilateral Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Imagine coming home only to find your child writhing in pain.
You’d want to do anything to take their pain away from them. Wouldn’t you?


That is exactly what Kiranya’s family has been feeling for the past few months since her diagnosis.

Kiranya was born with hearing disabilities and requires Hearing solutions that the family cannot afford. Having sold all of their belongings, the family struggles for two square meals a day. They frantically searched for solutions and relief, and just when they finally thought they found it, the cost of treatment drove another unscalable wall between Kiranya and her family.


With your help, Kiranya can hear again!


Please share and donate as much as possible. A little help can lead a normal life.


Help Jeshwitha get Cochlear Implant to help her hear 

This little girl Jeshwitha is suffering from Bilateral Hearing Impairment and needs a Cochlear Implant. The cost of the surgery and the entire procedure is quite high which is extremely expensive for her parents to arrange in a short period of time. It is crucial for Jeshwitha to get this treatment at the earliest however her parents are unable to arrange this expensive cost and need your help to get her this surgery done.


When Jeshwitha was only around 6 months old, they couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t responding to loud noises in the vicinity. Her reaction to sounds wasn’t up to the mark for her age. Upon consultation with the doctors and conducting certain scans, they were informed that she has profound Bilateral hearing loss. In a nutshell, this meant that she didn’t have a major portion of her hearing ability and couldn’t hear even amplified speech or sounds.


Her parents were also informed that treatment was required for her. A Cochlear Implant is a procedure where a neuroprosthetic device is surgically implanted in an individual’s ear which helps in restoring hearing. Surgery is needed to implant the internal device which is connected to an external hearing aid. The cost of the entire procedure is about Rs 39.55 lakh - an exorbitant amount that is extremely expensive and difficult to arrange in such a short span of time.


As explained by the doctor, this procedure must be done as soon as possible because with age the neuroplasticity in an individual’s brain reduces. The earlier it is done, the better is the output with speech and hearing.

Jeshwitha is almost a year old and must take this surgery in the next two months. She is unable to even mumble a few words as she is unable to hear. With the required treatment, she will be having better hearing which will lead her to normal speech and language development.


We’d highly appreciate your help to get Jeshwitha this important surgery which will help her lead a fulfilling life. Please also share this story on social media as that would be an immense help.

Your help will transform the future of little Jeshwitha.


Help Dipto Shil get Cochlear Implant to help him hear 

Master Dipto Shil is diagnosed with Bilateral severe to profound hearing loss and is advised to go for cochlear implant surgery at the earliest. Dipto Shil’s father’s earning will not suffice this huge amount and hence, please help Dipto Shil hear. Give him the childhood that he deserves by donating what you can. Your generosity can make a big difference.

Help Fathima get Cochlear Implant to help her hear 

A child was brought to Shishu Mandir at the age of about eight months. After a few months, the staff realised that she did not react to loud sounds and then they made the test of producing loud sounds to see how she could react and then there was no reaction at all. After conducting numerous medical tests, it was found that she is totally deaf, leaving Shishu mandir in a difficult situation. She got consulted with Dr. Sampath Chandra Prasad Rao, founder of Bangalore Hearing & Implant Institute. She advised that the child should go for a cochlear implant because only cochlear implants can give the child all the possibilities for a normal life.

A normal child being educated can work for herself whereas a non-hearing child will always be disadvantaged even in a developed country where she might be adopted. So, it was advised that she would be much better placed if she had cochlear implants and so Shishu Mandir took up all courage to collect funds for these big operational fees. Under Kishore Chandra Prasad Research Foundation’s Project “Gift A Hearing” the price for surgery was reduced and the surgery was successful. After the surgery, the child was adopted by a wonderful family in the USA.



If you know anyone, adult or a kid, who is suffering from hearing loss or any other ailment and want us to intervene, share details with us and we will do our best to help them through our various channels and partners.

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