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 Inside Tomorrow


The 'Inside Tomorrrow' project launched in 2020 is focused on initiating cutting edge research in the science of Head and Neck pathosis. The project aims to undertake basic science research including molecular biology, and genetic studies in the field of Head and Neck Cancer and Hearing. 

Kishore Chandra Prasad Research Foundation believes that our future lies in the research that we undertake. Moving to this philosophy, we have invested a significant amount of our finances and resources to conduct a certain amount of research in areas like Genetics, Ultraviolet Technology, and Robotics in medicine and surgery.  

Over the last two years, we have undertaken projects in research which is currently our main course of focus. We are currently spearheading a study of molecular biology on paragangliomas, conducting research on UV treatment options to prevent the spread of COVID19 and collaborating with Eindhoven Medical Robotics on concept robots in the field of Skull Base surgery. 


One of the primary areas of focus of our research department in 2020 is studying possible measures of prevention of the spread of the COVID19 virus that has affected the larger population around the globe since the beginning of this year. A key area of interest has been studying the effects of various wavelengths of ultraviolet rays on the virus and the possibility of developing a system that completely cleanses the external physical proportions of an individual that undergoes the UV treatment process. We are actively working to introduce a system that works to enable the doctors at the forefront of our battle against the global pandemic to give their all to the patients without having to worry about contracting the virus themselves. 

We are also looking at the possibility of integrating UV light tech with surgical tools to help create a sterile field in the operatin theatre during and after surgery.

This project is in collaboration with scientists from SolMitra in Bangalore, India and is currently titled as the 'JeeVam' project.


Eindhoven Medical Robotics is a multi-disciplinary project team from the Netherlands, who have come together to develop surgical robots that aim to ease the workflow of surgeons across the world. Team KCPRF is tied up with Eindhoven Medical Robotics which comprises of a team of architects, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and software engineers who partner with the top surgeons across the world to develop surgical robots that are concise and precise. At KCPRF, we are closely working with the development team from Eindhoven Medical Robotics to develop machines that assist surgeons taking up surgeries of the skull base.


Skull base tumours are rare and quite tricky to remove. The treatment options available to treat such tumours are numbered compared to treatment options available for other tumours. Our research project aims to develop machines that assist highly trained Skull Base surgeons in drilling the bone, that help in dissections and also in finer surgical steps deep in the skull base.


Apart from Skull Base surgeries, the same technology can be used in routine Neuro, ENT and Head & Neck surgeries. Our technology is being developed to be marketed as a viable option to Neurosurgeons, ENT surgeons, Head & Neck surgeons and Skull Base surgeons alike.


Molecular biology is the study of life at the level of atoms and molecules. Skull base tumors include multiple primary and secondary tumors. At KCPRF, our researchers donate a considerable amount of time researching the histopathology of various tumors by extracting enzymes, proteins and fibers and searching for treatment options at the molecular level. Our research includes various levels of testing and over the course of the past two years we have taken significant strides in the right direction. 


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