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All through my professional career spanning over 4 decades, I have had the good fortune of providing cure and comfort to thousands of patients. At the same time, I have also seen many a life slip away as I tried everything under my prowess to fight against the sealed fate of unfortunate patients. I have seen cancer of the head & neck devour lives both young and old. I have seen an otherwise intelligent child that was born deaf vegetate away in society. I remember almost all the faces of my patients whom I lost or where I felt helpless, some vividly some not so vividly. Many of those who suffer did so not because there was no treatment but because they were unable to afford any treatment. I retired from all academic posts in 2012, even if I continued my private practice. Post retirement, I realised that I had the time to try to change some of what was happening. I knew that I could bring in my resources and my stature in society to bring about a difference in the lives of those who could do little about their diseases. 

With the help of my family, I set up a Foundation in my name. The Foundation bears my name, not as a sign of my vanity but because, it is a way to write in stone a commitment. A commitment towards taking on a responsibility. I commit myself to monitor and to guarantee the quality and transparency of each phase of each project. Life, after all, has been very generous with me in my professional career as well as in my private life, and I have to give back to others. I invite all my friends to give in to the temptation of love, contributing and supporting the Foundation. When one loves, and when we let ourselves be loved, the fear becomes boldness and the emptiness becomes fulfilment. Our faith in love and justice calls upon us to build a better world than the one we found; it calls upon us to give back to the community all the good things that we have received, so that the less fortunate or the most vulnerable members of our society will have a chance to achieve a life full of opportunities and beauty, so that those who take up the challenge will find the energy and real possibilities to thrive in their lives.

Dr. Kishore Chandra Prasad Rao

President, KCPRF

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